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About the Vulcan Medical Clinic

The Vulcan Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. Matthew Siray has joined our Clinic on April 2, 2024. He will be accepting residents of Vulcan and Vulcan County as new patients. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Matthew Siray to the Vulcan Medical Clinic and our Community!

Dr. Jody Patrick, a pediatrician from Calgary, visits the Vulcan Medical Clinic every six weeks. Vulcan Medical Clinic patients need a referral from their physicians.

Excellence and Innovation

The physicians and staff at the Vulcan Medical Clinic are committed to excellence in patient care and clinical innovation. To quote Stephanie Crichton, Executive Director of Calgary Rural Primary Care Network (PCN), "The Vulcan Medical Clinic, through its physicians and allied health professional team, has been a leader in achieving these objectives. The Vulcan Medical Clinic has been early to adopt and succeed in our PCN's screening maneuvers and provincial evaluation metrics.”

 Location, Location, Location

The Town of Vulcan conveniently located between the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge. More importantly, however, the Vulcan Medical Clinic is situated within the confines of the Vulcan Community Health Centre.  The Vulcan Community Health Centre is a multipurpose facility. This centre has both long-term (15) and acute care (8) beds and is running at a 95% to 110% capacity.  The physicians’ medical clinic, X-Ray department, laboratory services, physiotherapy, mental health, community health department, and a six bed emergency department are also located in the Health Centre. Having immediate access to all departments makes for a superb work environment and enhances job satisfaction.

Teamwork and Support

Partly because of our physical location but also as a commitment from our team, we have a great working relationship not only within our clinic, but with all of our Alberta Health Services partners located within the building.


Physicians’ Medical Practice

The Physician's practice is a general practice with extended skills to cover the hospital emergency room. Seventy percent of our time is devoted to general practice, twenty five percent to hospital and emergency room, and five percent to long-term care patients.

One physician is required to be ‘on-call’ 24 hours per day – 7 days a week in order to keep all of these facilities open. Typically a physician working in our clinic is required to be on call 1 in 4. 

The medical clinic handles an average of 80 patients per day if there are four doctors available. The clinic normally has one physician designated as the “on-call” doctor. This physician treats walk-in patients as well as any patients requiring urgent care in the ER. 

We are not working in isolation. Physicians have excellent external support with immediate access to specialists. In addition, our emergency services are facilitated by RAAPID (Referral, Access, Advice, Placement, Information, and Designation), STARS air ambulance, and by the ALS Emergency Medical Services provided by Alberta Health Service. The Vulcan Community Health Centre is well equipped to deal with most medical emergencies but we do not have an operating room nor do we do obstetrics.

Through the support of Alberta Health Services, Alberta Medical Association, the Town of Vulcan, and Vulcan County, we have a very low overhead structure for expenses.

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If you are a physician looking for more detailed information on establishing a medical practice in Vulcan,  contact the Business Coordinator, Vulcan Medical Clinic, (403) 485-2216 ext 4

Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation’s (VCH&WF) Health Centre Expansion Project

Vulcan County WellnessThe VCH&WF is raising funds to pay for the completed 800 square metre extension to the Vulcan Community Health Centre. The new wing is the home of a 650 square metre medical clinic – enough office space, examining rooms, and equipment to accommodate up to 8 full-time physicians. This new space will make it easier and more efficient for physicians to work on any given day which, in turn, will increase patient access to their own family physician. 

In addition to increasing the space for the medical clinic (space that is designed to support 8 full-time physicians), the expansion project has allowed for Rehabilitation Services and the Adult Day Support Programs to move from the basement to the main floor of the hospital. This is Phase 1 of the expansion project and was completed in September of 2020.

In Phase 2 of the Project, the Mental Health Department will have a dedicated area and the laboratory will be increased in size making it a much more functional area for staff. Public and Community Health Services will have significantly more room to work and the palliative care suite will be improved. Phase 2 has not yet commenced.


Latest News

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The Vulcan and County Healthcare Workers Attraction and Retention Committee is an active organization of volunteers dedicated to “Keeping Rural Healthcare Close to Home”.


The A and R Commitee, in partnership with RhPAP, hosted a "Let's Go Rural" High School event in Nov 2023. For more information on this fun local event, go to the Recruitment Initatives page.