community health centre aerialThe Vulcan Community Health Centre is a multipurpose facility. The core of this health centre is a twenty three bed unit consisting of 8 inpatient and 15 long-term care beds. All health care services, including the physician’s medical clinic, are located under one roof. This model provides “one stop” access to health services for the patient and successfully promotes inter-professional communication and collaboration.  

Team Work

There is a strong sense of teamwork in the health centre as all of our staff and the physicians work in a collegial and supportive fashion to provide the best patient care possible.

Medical Support

Physicians and nursing staff have excellent external support with immediate access to specialists and tertiary care for the patient through RAAPID (Referral, Access, Advice, Placement, Information, and Designation). We are also supported by STARS Air Ambulance Service and by an ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance service provided by provided by Alberta Health Services. The Vulcan Community Health Centre is well equipped to deal with most medical emergencies but we do not have an operating room nor do we do obstetrics.

Continuing Education

Our nurses and medical staff have access to continuing education programs and training courses which helps them to remain current on best practices in their profession. The Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation provides bursaries for health care staff to help offset the costs of approved courses.

Community Support

The Vulcan Community Healthcare Auxiliary provides financial support for the purchase of specialized equipment.

The Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation, in partnership with the Vulcan County and the Town of Vulcan, is providing funding for an addition to the Vulcan Community Health Centre. This new wing is the home of the Vulcan Medical Clinic and has sufficient office space and examining rooms to accommodate up to 8 physicians. As well, this new wing houses the Rehabilitation Services department and the Adult Day Support Program.


Latest News

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The Vulcan and County Healthcare Workers Attraction and Retention Committee is an active organization of volunteers dedicated to “Keeping Rural Healthcare Close to Home”.


The A and R Commitee, in partnership with RhPAP, hosted a "Let's Go Rural" High School event in Nov 2023. For more information on this fun local event, go to the Recruitment Initatives page.