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Kidney Dialysis Unit

  • The approximate travel to the nearest service: 1 hour.

Cancer Treatment Services Available:

  • The approximate travel to the nearest service: 45 minutes to High River
  • 1 hour to the Jack Ady Cancer Centre-Lethbridge
  • 90 minutes to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre-Calgary


  • The approximate travel time to the nearest hospital equipped to deliver babies is 45 minutes
  • We do labor assessments prior to transport and Fetal Monitoring for diagnostic purposes.

Surgical Services

  • Our doctors will refer to Lethbridge or Calgary depending on type of surgery,  patient preference and first available bed.
  • In an emergency situation, the site of surgery will be determined by a RAAPID consult.

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The Vulcan and County Healthcare Workers Attraction and Retention Committee is an active organization of volunteers dedicated to “Keeping Rural Healthcare Close to Home”.


The A and R Commitee, in partnership with RhPAP, hosted a "Let's Go Rural" High School event in Nov 2023. For more information on this fun local event, go to the Recruitment Initatives page.